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Roil Oil - Engine, Automatic/Manual Transmission Treatment:

Nearly 85% of engine wear takes place as you turn the key to start your engine. Roil Oil is a state-of-the-art formula designed to reduce the friction which causes wear.
Being a metal conditioning treatment it will help protect your valuable asset when oil can’t… at start up. Roil Oil has been designed to meet industry standards for today’s high performance automobiles and truck standard transmissions, differentials, axles and power providers.
It has such a wide range of applications you can use Roil wherever metal parts move against metal parts. Basically, wherever you're using oil, you should also be adding Roil Oil.
Roil works well with your oil, helping it adhere to the metal components of your engine. When the engine sits overnight without use, the oil drains to the sump and is not actively lubricating the engine parts during a cold start. Thus, engine parts endure greater wear during such starts. Roil Oil makes cold starts easier on engine components by repelling metal-on-metal friction. Choose Roil Oil for your engine and enjoy the results!
"Here is an amazing product you have probably never heard of. It can’t be bought off the shelves, is used in winning Australian V8 Supercars, successful Bathurst 24 Hour racers, and Australia’s 2000 Top Fuel dragster champion...
One of Australia’s major tourist theme parks uses it on its rides to reduce wear, while cutting running costs because less friction in its engines means less power and expense!"
Roil cannot be purchased over the counter, is not advertised in magazines, and is a closed secret for most.

Roil Oil reduces friction (heat), improves fuel economy and extends part life and service maintenance.
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